Video: Gingerbread Cookies by Ree

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This is something fun to do with tasty food so we wanted to give it for you! Cheers!

WUSP02_Ree-Drumond-Paige-Alex-Cookies.jpg.rend.snigalleryslideYou may remember that last year we did an hour-long Cowboy Christmas special on Food Network. It was so much fun—we had a party at our building in town and had a blast. Part of the gathering involved a kids’ activity table where little cuties decorated a bunch of gingerbread cookies, and I’d highly recommend doing this if you’re hosting a holiday party where little ones come along. It captured their attention and even though it was a little messy (heck, it would have been messy if adults were decorating!) it wound up being such a fun memory. And there were cookies to eat at the end!

gingerbread2The Cowboy Christmas special will re-air later this month, but in the meantime, here is the video for the cookies. Hope you enjoy it—Alex and Paige helped me!

(BTW, if you aren’t able to view the video, would you mind dropping me a comment with your browser information and what’s happening? I want to make sure I can fix any issue that’s going on.)


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